Quick Launch missing on Modern sites after the patch install

Quick Navigation missing after patching with Jan 2021 CU

Behavior has been observed after installing the Jan 2021 security update for Sharepoint Server 2019 that after the patching the quick launch missing on modern pages

But If you switch to the classic view then you are able to see the quick navigation there but not on the modern pages anymore and alongside quick navigation the edit and publish page buttons have also disappeared after the patching.

The same quick launch missing behavior was appeared for the August 2020 CU and later got fixed in the October 2020 CU and that issue was exactly similar to this one.

The Expected look is :

After the patching it looks like below :

So now we know the symptoms let’s talk about the cause and the resolution.

Cause : it is pretty clear that the cause is the bug in the patch itself similar to the one we faced in the August 2020 CU update.

Resolution :

Both the updates are important to download so you should download both.

In my case I first installed the Language Independent update and after that, I checked that it alone did not resolve the issue so downloaded and installed the language-independent update as well and after installing this update the issue got fixed if you’re not using any non-English language in your farm then just download the dependent patch for English language only and if you are using the different languages then it is important to install the patch for all different languages as well.

Hope the above information helps ! Do let me know in the comments below how it went for you.

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