• Connect to SPO using PnP Powershell
    Let’s Connect to SPO using PnP Powershell . So, First thing we need to do this to install SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline module with the help of the command below: To run that open your Windows PowerShell and run as administrator and then paste or type the above command and press enter. If you get the below error while running the command. Then it could be because of the execution policy is set to… Continue Reading
  • Configure FBA in Sharepoint with LDAP Provider
    This article is a step-by-step guide with screenshots to Configure FBA in Sharepoint with LDAP membership providers in Sharepoint 2013,2013 and 2019 environments. Steps we will perform : Create a web application using Central Administration which uses Forms-based Authentication and then create a site collection in that web app. Configure the web. config files of the following :  a. Central Administration b. Security Token service c. Configure web application’s web.config 3.… Continue Reading
  • Quick Launch missing on Modern sites after the patch install
    Quick Navigation missing after patching with Jan 2021 CU Behavior has been observed after installing the Jan 2021 security update for Sharepoint Server 2019 that after the patching the quick launch missing on modern pages But If you switch to the classic view then you are able to see the quick navigation there but not on the modern pages anymore and alongside quick navigation the edit and publish page buttons have… Continue Reading